Good Deed ...

This year was about engaging with purpose through a project called Benevolence. My inspiration came from reflecting on the long life of Grandma Megyese and her habit of doing good deeds for others. It’s one of the things I admired most about her and it has more relevance today than at any time in our past. So, Benevolence was about creating good deed ideas to spread positivity, goodwill, and kindness in the world.

The first idea was to handwrite a random note of appreciation for someone. The second was to turn observations of attire you like on other people into random compliments. Collectively, 17 good deeds were created … from writing reviews to giving high-fives. I’ve enjoyed completing them, hearing stories about how others have participated, and have been on the receiving of a few myself.

As we head into the season of giving and thanks, I find myself wanting to fulfill some of these ideas again. So, although new good deeds are coming to an end, I invite you to take a look and create an act of Benevolence. The only ‘cost’ from each expression is initiative and time.