44 Things That Make Me Happy

For the past year, I’ve put thoughts from the daily grind into a project called Percolating. My intention each day is to avoid routine, so this expression was an opportunity for me to share opinions on doing things differently. Check out all the posts here.

As I was thinking about how to wrap up this project, my wife received a gift from Kate Spade. Inside was a card from their former President and Chief Creative Officer, Deborah Lloyd, whereas she outlined things that bring her joy. This inspired reflection on my year and in no particular order here are 44 things that make me happy on any given day.

1. hugs 2. high-fives 3. exercise mats 4: two cups of coffee 5. three pillows 6. clean eyeglasses 7. 40% or more battery life 8. a sunny day 9. a snowy day 10. a clean car 11. smiles 12. good parking spaces 13. a new song from a favorite artist 14. an old song from a new artist 15. the smell of boxwoods 16. light dimmers 17. a new toothbrush 18. comfortable jeans 19. making lunch the night before work 20. lemon juice and apple cider vinegar with warm water 21. vintage t-shirts 22. a good seat at the bar 23. short meetings 24. watching a dog play 25. oxfords 26. a comfy chair 27. smoothies 28. a warm or cold shower 29. reward cards 30. eye contact 31. two warm cookies 32. brown shoes 33. “cheers” 34. city skylines 35. rural sunrises 36. wildflowers 37. calm breezes 38. finding a pen when it’s needed 39. collaboration spaces 40. making a green light 41. documentaries 42. development initiative 43. fresh mulch 44. watches

Of course, this list is not all-inclusive and people are a large part of making these things, but this project has taught me there should be no line when it comes to happiness. Whether a workday or the weekend, it’s important to find things that bring bliss then appreciate them each day.

What things bring you joy?