8 Opportunities for the Holiday Season

During the holiday season, we often think about detaching from anything professional, focusing on time with those closest. But the best opportunity for inspiration, motivation, support, and feedback on our professional selves comes this time of year from people we trust most.

Here are a few ideas of things to do with family, friends, and colleagues during the holidays:

1. Revert to your childhood. As a kid, you likely inquired quite a bit. Do that again by asking how others spend their day and about life where they reside for insight on new ideas.

2. Practice your pitch. Undoubtedly, someone will ask what you do at work. This is a great opportunity to succinctly explain.

3. Brand response. Observe how those closest react to mention of your company. This can be a powerful exercise for insights, stories, and self-reflection on where you work.

4. Share your story. This is the perfect opportunity for feedback on your Modern Résumé Suite.

5. Jump-start a resolution. Discuss your plans for next year. Pivot based on responses and invite those closest to join.

6. Binge teach and learn. Discuss your favorite documentaries, videos, books, podcasts, and/or massive open online courses. Chances are you have something to share and learn when it comes to development.

7. Shop till you drop. Go to the mall, buy online, or do both to take advantage of holiday sales. This is your time to spruce up that wardrobe, get some accessories, or maybe a new scent.

8. Brainstorm. Gatherings normally contain a diverse group, so a spontaneous discussion to solve a problem could produce extraordinary results.

Much of this occurs naturally, so value the input and support from those closest to you.