3 Parts to the Modern Résumé Suite

    When preparing for the future, I've learned the best time to prepare for what’s next should never be an afterthought in a moment of desperation or when an intriguing position initially catches your attention. Rather, the perfect time to showcase experience exists when you’re not looking for new work.

    I have found through personal experience and the success of others that there are three parts to the modern résumé suite which should be considered:

    1. Individual overview. Of relevance still is the ability to come up with a short snapshot of yourself for submission among many other candidates. There are great resume builder resources that in a short-time can help create one-pagers like this:

    2. Professional social networking. These platforms are not simply for job searching. They are a way to maintain your professional image, build relationships, and access diverse knowledge/insights. When a profile is not polished, complete, or relevant then you may miss opportunities not known to exist. Simply do a search for profile advice and start interacting/engaging regularly.

    3. Personal website creativity. About two years ago, I bought the domain matthewmegyese.com. I have since come to believe a personal website is an opportunity to showcase your creativity, opinions, and overall talent in a way that's genuinely different. In the short time since creating my website, I have:

    • Developed technical skills.

    • Regularly iterated based on user experience feedback.

    • Consistently expressed my opinions on various projects.

    • Demonstrated audience engagement on different social platforms.

    • Learned about web stats and trends.

    • Been inspired to continuously learn.

    • Enjoyed the experience!

    ​You don’t have to code it from scratch … there are a variety of website builders to help you start this journey.

    Start building your modern day résumé suite today. It can provide a foundation for your story and may better prepare you should that interview come tomorrow.

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