5 Reasons to Discuss First Concerts

I love music. At work, the soft sound through my ear buds can help with focus … while the loud beat can help to both inspire and motivate me. This carries over into sharing artists with others based off both preference and interest. My passion also makes introductions different because before we get to anything ‘professional,’ I usually like to share early exposure to music. Here are a handful of reasons why discussing our first concert is important to me:

1. Reminisce. Instantly you and I will think about past events. At times this can seem embarrassing, but regardless we are reflecting on choices that ultimately contributed to and helped shape who we are today.

2. Learning. Sharing our experience helps us become acquainted with new music and genres seldom explored. It’s an opportunity to reflect on our evolution and gives consideration to what we'll think about choices today in the future.

3. Storytelling. Our first concerts were at a moment in time that taps into both personal and professional emotions. Often it leads to a discussion about family, friends, school, and work that helps us imagine things differently while also demonstrating empathy for one another.

4. Transparency. We are candid with one another because the only way around not answering your first concert is to “not recall it.” In the rare instance when there was no first concert, it’s an opportunity to learn more about why … again tapping into empathy.

5. Relations. Our first concerts bring up a conversation about existing associations while also offering the opportunity for connections in the future. Depending on the place in time and group, it could be we share acquaintances.

I have two experiences to share … one when I was ten and saw Billy Joel with my mom. Christie Brinkley walking along the stage during Uptown Girl was amazing! This was my introduction to live music and created the desire to want more. Three years later at the same venue, I saw R.E.M. with friends. This opened my eyes to alternative music by forming a foundation of enjoyment from eclectic and original independent artists that would evolve but never be lost with time.