3 Reasons to Consider Relocation

Since 1998, I have averaged a move every 3 1/2 years … living in college towns, urban sprawls, and rural communities. But as I prepare for where to go next, I find myself reflecting on why relocation is so important.

My wife and I have been married since 1998, so we average such frequent moves. Having no children undoubtedly makes relocation different, but not necessarily easier. Our moves have put us further from family and friends often while forcing us to leave behind areas we truly enjoyed. This has occurred both at good and bad times.

Based on our experiences and those of friends (with families of all size) on similar paths, there are a few reasons to consider relocation:

1. Reconnecting with your household. When you go to a new environment, in the beginning, you spend the most time with those relocating with you. From meals to exploration of a new community, your household spends more time together.

2. Exposure to different ways of life. You will meet new people. Some will be transplants like you while others will have been in that community for a long time. Regardless, diverse backgrounds enrich lifelong relationships.

3. Advocate for your work. Whether it’s pursuit of something new or an existing employer providing the opportunity, your relocation story is told with every new interaction. You will observe a different perspective on your profession, brand, and/or passion through new connection insight. This can help solidify your choice and is additional advice for the future.

The opportunity to relocate is very personal and should only be decided after fair consideration. For some households, even after much thought, it’s just not an option. Yet for others, it could be the ultimate balance between work and life.