10 Questions Giving Focus to Development

In a world where learning new things is as convenient and varied as the movie watching experience, opportunities for development exist in unique ways. There is no one-size fits all mentality to how and what people learn … I keep this in mind when giving advice.

I like to grow, and responsibility for my development falls on no-one else … it’s on me! However, I value opinions and want to hear recommendations from others because it may help influence my decision. We should all remain open to new things … it could be the support needed and may offer up opportunities for the future.

Constant change makes it impossible for one-person to know everything. But, collectively we can accomplish more than I could ever do alone, so I will build strong relationships and give meaning to my contribution by asking the following questions often:

1. Am I learning the skills necessary for professional growth?

2. Do I find my growth to be personally enjoyable?

3. Is what I’m learning timely and relevant?

4. Will the demand and my interests still be desirable in the next one, two, five years?

5. Is my approach cost-effective to everyone involved?

6. Am I sharing what I know with others?

7. Is my development story compelling?

8. Do I have the necessary support?

9. Am I listening? Are others?

10. How do I define success? How do others?

Development ownership is individual. It shouldn’t be viewed as a generational characteristic of superiority; an organizational checklist of credible commonality; or departmental responsibility on direction. Life is a journey for each of us and alternate routes lead to different destinations, but I’m learning the ride is more fun when our paths vary.