2 Creative Skills to Build in Insurance

Work in the insurance sector can often be rewarding … yet occasionally falls short of excitement. When words like regulation, contracts, and risk are a part of each day … then at least for me, it’s hard (yet not impossible) to find fun in your work. But as corporations embrace a culture of innovation due to the abundance of disruptors … the insurance industry provides an opportunity to develop these creative skills:

1. Intrapreneurship. The idea of acting like an entrepreneur within a larger organization where there’s an element of comfort with failure is perfect. If you are an action-oriented, proactive, and self-motivated person that takes initiative to pursue an innovative idea, then even within organizational boundaries it can happen. When provided this level of support, as an employee you can essentially act like a fledgling startup. This is a calculated risk worth taking for anyone and is overshadowed only by the bigger risk of doing nothing.

2. Storytelling. In a world where one-way communication is often prevalent, the ability to mix up words or actions in ways that are more interactive is unreal. This involves a slight risk to your personal brand, but by encouraging listeners to imagine differently helps to demonstrate empathy. Regardless of your audience in the insurance sector, finding a way to relay the facts while tapping into emotions is possible.

Learning more about or developing these skills is a simple internet search away and enjoyment in a sector under a tremendous amount of change is an opportunity for the future.