3 Reasons to Enjoy Corporate America

I’ve spent over twenty-five years working for corporations which has been rewarding. Yet in a world where past success is not a guarantee for the future, corporations must change which can at times challenge employee satisfaction. I believe it’s up to each individual to identify why they value their work and think right now a corporate job is great for the following reasons:

1. Learning through experience and development support. If you’re a solid performer with initiative then the plethora of operations or departments makes it easy to diversify your work location and history. For me … the interest to do something new has never been driven by money or title, but rather the desire to immerse myself in new environments stretching my comfort level. In many instances that has meant changing industries, but within many fields, I’ve been able to switch jobs providing a new experience. Also, the constantly evolving world of online education creates tremendous opportunity to blend alternative style development with your corporate work. I like to think of this as being a lifelong student through a constant circle of learning, practicing, feedback, and actual real-world results. When your organization supports developmental variety then it can be enjoyable, relevant, cost-effective, and habitual.

2. Relationships and collaboration. Thousands of people representing or associating to a brand can create a network like no other. Internal and external relationships are built through stories of affiliation and create a bond that may not have happened were not for the corporation. When that many people collaborate or work together then the result can be something of value to everyone involved both now and in the future.

3. Disruption and opportunity. Corporations which embrace a culture of innovation create opportunities to change established ways of doing things or perhaps start something new. When provided this level of support, as an employee you can essentially act like a fledgling startup and put your ideas into action. This is a calculated risk worth taking for anyone associated with the corporation and is overshadowed only by the bigger risk of doing nothing.

Occasionally, people tend to say they like working for a corporation because of the stability, comfort, or loyalty over time. Although that can been the case, I’m not certain it’s guaranteed and is a mindset that may even prevent some corporations from providing true value in the future.