3 Opportunities for Each Day

Not a fan of resolutions, I believe in creating behaviors any time they could lead to success as you define it. But as we glance back or peek around the corner at workplace change in 2017, I’m confident these things are imperative … not just this year, but every year:

1. Relationships - The importance of connecting, associating, or interacting with people will always be a priority. How you go about starting or maintaining these opportunities should look different, but at the core is a willingness to accept the saying … collectively we can do more than I could ever do alone. Make time for people today.

2. Development - Growth got you to where you’re at today, but it does not guarantee the same for tomorrow. Stay relevant by learning something new; if you’re unfamiliar with alternative education or massive open online courses then you owe yourself a quick search. Take on the attitude to own your individual development.

3. Celebrate - If there’s not a reason to acknowledge something or someone each day then you’re missing out. Accomplishments are happening all around us, so make it a point to remember … a smile at someone can change your day and a high-five could change theirs.

The most powerful output from these behaviors will be experienced when they all come together regularly.