BLAH! reFlecting on the yEAR

Whew! All that posting was tough, but not because of content. This may come as a surprise, but I am a pretty private person. In 2016, I overcame any fear and with encouragement from others shared some of my perspectives on life. As I take time to reflect on this last M.E. Rhyme, I wish to share insight on this personal project … the Background, Learnings, Appreciation, and Horizon (BLAH).


A couple years ago, I began casual observation of habits. Noticeable was that as adults, comfort often leads us away from curiosity, and through the convenience of technology, words flow freely without much thought to their impact. I found this to be a bad combination that stifles creativity and occasionally fills the world with negativity.

Why poems? I decided to look back on my childhood for personal inspiration. As an only child, I often wrote poetry scattered in focus, but usually revolving around hobbies or inspiration from heroes. I wondered … what if today I put some focus on rhymes and sprinkled social media with expressions of optimism.

The motive was set, but still, the thought to regularly post writings was a stretch for me. I needed a way to disguise the fear of putting myself out there. After much consideration, the M.E. Rhyme character developed as a way to share my optimism and experience.


I set out to start posting with a few goals:

  • Consistency throughout 2016

  • Be authentic

  • Embrace my fear of opening up

  • Stay poetic

  • Have fun!

  • Get feedback

  • Learn through doing and sharing

  • Iterate content

  • Diversify the medium

  • Inspire at least one-person

  • Keep growth organic

  • Evolve my personal website

I have used a combination of text, pictures, video, voice, and melodies to diversify the medium on nearly forty M.E. Rhymes. Each one was posted despite a hint of fear and with inspiration from feedback received. Here’s a sample of what kept me motivated ...

“I just hit a rough patch and this was exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks for the continued inspiration and motivation!”

“Thank you for your positive message. It helps during challenging times.”

“Love the poem. Very good reminder that we are what we preach.”


Thank you to my unbelievable wife, best friend, and number one supporter. Kelly, you are the foundation which makes it easy for me to live a life of positivity and are the constant motivator behind my everything. I love you with all of my heart now and forever.

To anyone who has mentioned, commented, liked, or encouraged me throughout this year … thank you! My mindset with this project has been to produce content that has value to at least someone else, and your time to share thoughts is appreciated more than you know.

If you saw one of my posts and it inspired you in some way, even if you didn’t let me know, then thank you for spreading positivity.


For a long time, I have approached each day with an attitude that is positively contagious yet never negatively infectious. I’m a firm believer that a smile and high-five can make a world of difference. M.E. Rhyme gave me an outlet to creatively share my optimistic and positive perspective on life. As the year wraps up, I can say so does this project of disguising myself through a character. Although they will slow down, it doesn’t necessarily mean the poems will completely stop. Rather, it’s an opportunity for me to pivot “BLAH” into something new.

At this point of contemplating what’s next, I feel it appropriate to end with a rhyme:


On the year,

New challenges,

Confronting fear.


In the mirror,

Proud of myself,

Working through fear.


On people near,


Overcoming my fear.


On fear,

Imagined but when conquered,

Is opportunity next year.

It’s time to move on. To where is still unknown, but the intent is to stretch my imagination towards authentic, fun, and engaging ventures.