One thing is certain throughout life, change will occur. When hit with this inevitable, look no further than the word itself for a perspective better than the alternative.

Change starts with the letter 'c' which means it's 'constant.' It's not an initiative, temporary, and it will not go away. To transform is constant and realizing this at the start is the first step to understanding change.

Change ends with the letter 'e' which means 'evolution.' It's going to look different, grow, and it will not stop. To develop is evolution and realizing it will not end is the next step to understanding change.

Change is a constant evolution by people, organizations, and society. It's not new! Any foundation in our past was built based off change. Without the 'c' and 'e' or constant evolution that is change then you're left with a new word of complacency, rest, or stillness. This new word is not an option for me, how about you?

Constant iteration,

hanging there a threat,

aspire to transform,

not adapting the regret,

grow through something new,

Evolution defines you.