Our beliefs and opinions about someone or something are often viewed with emphasis on others. Whether it’s with business, artists admired, teams followed, or acquaintance interaction, recognition of a certain characteristic or ability draws us closer.

But what about your own quality? When your name is mentioned, how do you respond? What do others think or say about your character? Do they mirror each other? Whether it matters or not today, your reputation is something carried for a lifetime. This isn’t about being popular, but rather is control over introducing who you are to the world. Your reputation is on the line daily.

The body is your building,

Maintain it each day,

Keep it unique,

In a welcoming way.

Your head is the worker,

What do you know?

Share what you learn,

Help others grow.

To smile is a service,

For others to see,

Inviting interaction,

Collaborate with me.


A name is your brand,

When pictured,

How do you stand?