Your Success Guaranteed

There was a time when success was more clearly defined. Today, I think it's up to each person to determine what they hope to achieve. In doing so, value what others say but come up with your own definition of success. It may be your story is more triumphant than you think. When evaluating the accomplishments of others, don't assume their happiness would guarantee your success.
What does it mean,
To be a success?
Is it defined,
By how you dress?

Maybe it's that car,
Or house so big,
Luxurious things,
Being a filthy rich pig.

Maybe it's status,
Org chart hierarchy,
Being popular,
Or a celebrity.

I don't know,
But think personally,
Success is diverse,
Defined individually.

This is because,
Success to me,
Is about joy,
And making others happy.

An optimistic attitude,
Ethical and true,
Finding inspiration,
Through all that you do.

Affording necessities,
Splurging unique to me,
Enjoying every moment,
With friends and family.

Success is accomplishing,
Your purpose or aim,
Not defined by others,
It's your household name.