Why? Whining? What if?

Challenging the way things are today makes for a better tomorrow. Asking "why" allows you to understand the reason, cause, or purpose. Ahead of judgment, it's important for you to either accept or come up with an alternative, a "what if." Otherwise, you're likely just whining.

"What if" is your imagination or an idea to make things different. It follows-up "why" and is your decision to take action pushing for new or better.

"Why" asks a question,

It's a desire to dig deep,

Understanding a situation,

Accepting history or taking a leap.

Whining is not acceptance,

But failure to propose,

A new course of action,

Just wrinkling your nose.

"What if" is a proposition,

An idea for something new,

Gaining support from others,

Shooting for out of the blue.

"Why" you seek to learn,

"What if" you execute,

Settle or take a risk,

Whining, please be mute.