Teamwork Play

Working collaboratively with others towards a common goal is a privilege. It's also an opportunity to bring your individual talents, provide constructive feedback, build strong relationships, and have fun! It's the opposite of separation, so if your work is completely heads down then you're doing it wrong.
As an individual,
You never work alone,
Reliance on others,
Expertise to hone.

Your team at work,
Be it friend or family,
Peer, customer, leader,
Coach, mentor, or mentee.

A teamwork tip,
Relationships are key,
Focus on your network,
A strong team member you'll be.

Initiate conversation,
With a new name or face,
A simple introduction,
Takes teamwork to a new place.

With existing connections,
Maintain communication now,
Work to reach out,
Demonstrate team know-how.

Commit to your team a smile,
Or even handshake,
High-fives are nice,
Genuine care no mistake.

Give it a try,
Over time you may find,
What you thought was team "work,"
Is work that's team kind.